Paul & Julie

Paul's brothers & Cheyenne came to visit in January. We got to do some awesome touristy stuff while they were here. Paul took them hiking around Multnomah Falls. We took a day to visit the Oregon coast. Who knew we would drive through snow on the way to the beach! If you're from the south that just makes no sense. An awesome & beautiful surprise, we got to play in the snow. It was freezing at the coast, we tried to watch for whales...who were supposed to be swimming by on their way to the south from do they know that anyway? We must have missed them b/c we didn't get there until 12:30, I was ticked. We spent the other days in Portland at Powells city of books, getting coffee at the Pied Cow (Hooka anyone? just kidding!), eating at BJs, & of course hanging out with the Etheridges. We had so much fun & their trip went by way too fast! Here are some other pictures...

Can you believe how stinkin' beautiful this is? It was incredible. We froze our butts off, but it was so worth it to see this part of God's creation.
Paul & Julie
Hey, it's Paul. Julie showed me our new blog the other day & I just had to point out that she took that picture of Mt. Hood on the top where our title is. What an amazing picture! My brothers and Cheyenne were here just a few weeks ago and we never saw Mt. Hood because of the clouds. Here are a few pictures Julie took from the plane the last time we flew. On the bottom pic, you can kind of see four mountains: Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, and Mt. Rainer.

Mt. St. Helens is actually pretty close to where we live (the small one on the left above Mt. Hood). It still occasionally puffs up steam from volcanic activity. These are some of the blessings of living in the northwest (not the volcanic activity!), when you can see them.
Paul & Julie
So this is my very first blogging attempt ever! I'm always way behind the times. But, I'm pretty excited. Even though it is already the end of January, I'll fill you guys in on Christmas, etc.


We got to go home to Atlanta to visit my folks for Christmas. It felt really good to be home for a while. We spent alot of time with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, & of course my sweet neice Caroline & precious nephew Will. We baked Christmas cookies, played nertz, played battle of the sexes (a hilarious game to play with the men in our family), dad even busted out the karaoke machine. I also loved holding my nephew Will. For those of you who don't know this about me, I'm not the type to long to hold a baby, normally when people say, "want to hold her/him" (whoever it may be), I make up some excuse because I don't really know what to do with a baby, they seem so fragile & I salute all the moms out there because you are incredible. Hence, that is why we don't have kids yet...but I actually did start to get that feeling, "hey, I kinda like this, I might want one of these," when holding my nephew. It was a great feeling, but don't get your hopes up yet mom..haha
Here are a few shots from the holidays...
Caroline & I playing dress up...we also got to watch Cinderella daily

Will pulling things out of his stocking