Paul & Julie
Wow! So we haven't updated since David arrived. We know you've all been waiting anxiously, checking daily, crying when nothing came.....

David's now almost 3 months old. He's beautiful, spirited, and has a great laugh. He is "handsome like daddy" and "loves his mommy", at least according to his clothing. Plus, we think he'll have a great singing voice. He's already hitting the high notes every time it's bedtime ;)

Paul & Julie

It's been a long time since we've posted anything. I'm officially into my 40th week of pregnancy. I've been feeling pretty good overall, just trying to find the balance between resting and staying active without overdoing it to get this little guy more motivated to make his entrance into the world. I've been "nesting" for about 2 months now, so he must be pretty particular about his nest...I've cleaned out the closets, reorganized the closets, washed his clothes, organized his clothes/blankets/etc, made a nursing cover, and my most favorite - reorganized the file drawers and shredded old papers...I think I'm ready for him to come!! I'm starting to pull out old sewing projects that I never really got started on. Although, I have really enjoyed this time...Paul & I have really tried to take advantage of spending time together going on dates, trying a few restaurants we've always wanted to try, going to the movies. But we are both so excited to meet him!

Here are some pictures...

Paul & Julie
Although most of us are now thinking about summer-time, Easter was not too long ago. And the image of new life that it brings becomes apparent with each flower or plant that springs up out of the ground, not to mention the babies on the way. We had a very interesting Easter Sunday with The Vine and wanted to share a few pictures. There were way more guests than regulars, and even fewer Jesus followers than people of other (or exploring) faiths. A definite highlight was the busting up of a pinata that one of our good friends brought for the celebration! Hope we can keep the celebration going...

Paul & Julie

Many of you are aware that I’ve (Paul) worked for Starbucks part-time for nearly three years. Wow, that’s crazy to think it’s been that long since we moved to the northwest and began our “cultural adaptation.” Starbucks has been one of the biggest parts of my own adaptation. I now crave coffee every morning; black, freshly ground, and less than thirty minutes old or you can take it back!

Yet my days at Starbucks are no more. We were faced with a situation where I was asked to increase my workload there, which was really an impossibility with church planting. A few weeks ago I had to call it quits. It’s the end of an era, and I’m going to miss many aspects of it. Most of all I’ll miss my co-workers. But I can always drop in to say hi, and possibly have just as long of a conversation as when I worked there.

In place of Starbucks I’ll be looking for volunteer opportunities as a way to be out in the community connecting with people outside The Vine. If another part-time job comes up that fits better with my current schedule then we’ll prayerfully consider it. Once Julie stops working when the baby comes, we may need to reconsider it, but we are trying to adjust our budget right now to see how her maternity leave will affect us. Please pray that I will find a good place to volunteer or, if God wills, a new part-time job.

So for now, we're down to about two bags of Starbucks' coffee in the cupboard. The withdrawal pains are coming soon!

Paul & Julie
Right now it is only 1:55 pm and Paul & I feel like we have already had a really eventful day.  It all started this morning.   Most people are aware that the 2010 Olympics are happening, so all this week the Olympic torch relay has been winding around our city.  In fact, earlier this week, I was on my way to work, when traffic got a little heavy.  Then I noticed some motorcycle police a little parade, people decked out in Canada paraphanalia (sp?) & then the torch runs by!  It was a pretty cool experience.   But not everyone in Vancouver is happy about the Olympics being here, so the torch was scheduled to come by our place earlier today.  This morning around 9:00 people started gathering at a park across the street from our apartment, including a good friend of mine to protest the Olympics.  It seemed pretty tame, just lots of signs, some people dressed up...but Paul & I couldn't stay to watch because we had our second doctors appointment at 10:00.  So we'll put a pause break on that part of the day. 

The doctors appointment went great!!  What a relief.  We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time.  I have not been able to stop smiling since.  I'll just randomly look at Paul about once every 30 minutes and say, "Can you believe we got to hear that heartbeat?"  So exciting.  We took a little video, you might want to close your eyes so you don't see my double chins while laying back...but you can really hear it!  

How cool is that!  I'm sure most pregnant women feel this way, but it is just so awesome that all of this change is happening inside & there is a real baby in there!!!  

After the appointment, we were both so excited we didn't want to go home so we went to Grandville Island (an awesome place in Vancouver) to eat lunch.  When we got there we noticed again all of these people in their Canada stuff & the popular 2010 Red mittens.  We ate lunch, walked around the market, which is one of my favorite things to do here.  Then the torch ran by a little before 1:00.  It went in front of the market then got on a dragon boat & was rowed, I think down to Yaletown.  Check out the pictures.  

Back to the protesting...our friends Amy & Aaron had come over to our place to watch the proceedings from our balcony while we were gone to the doctor.  It ends up that there were 100s of people that blocked the road, so the torch was re-routed and the police came out on horseback & blocked the road (in front of our apartments) so that no one could get by.  Amy said once the protestors saw the horses & realized that the torch was being rerouted, the whole crowd started running toward the police on horseback!  She said some people were dressed like Ninjas!  So, Aaron & Amy then went to our roof to get a better look at what was happening, and soon one of our neighbours was up there with a bullhorn directing the protestors.  This is an excerpt off of a local website (called rabble)..."Protestors running ahead of the torch were stopped at the intersection of Charles St. and Commercial Drive by a row of police horses, as demonstrators stationed on nearby rooftops used bullhorns to guide the marchers to the torch's new route."

What a day it has been!.