Paul & Julie

It's been a long time since we've posted anything. I'm officially into my 40th week of pregnancy. I've been feeling pretty good overall, just trying to find the balance between resting and staying active without overdoing it to get this little guy more motivated to make his entrance into the world. I've been "nesting" for about 2 months now, so he must be pretty particular about his nest...I've cleaned out the closets, reorganized the closets, washed his clothes, organized his clothes/blankets/etc, made a nursing cover, and my most favorite - reorganized the file drawers and shredded old papers...I think I'm ready for him to come!! I'm starting to pull out old sewing projects that I never really got started on. Although, I have really enjoyed this time...Paul & I have really tried to take advantage of spending time together going on dates, trying a few restaurants we've always wanted to try, going to the movies. But we are both so excited to meet him!

Here are some pictures...

2 Responses
  1. Sarah Says:

    We can't wait to meet him too (well at least virtually for now)!! :) We do have Skype with a camera now so I need to get your number so we can talk at some point. Love you!

  2. kelcieb Says:

    You guys are precious! Love you!

    Aunt Shirley