Paul & Julie

We live in such a cool place.  Random things occur in our community all the time.  A few weeks ago, we found out there was a random group getting together in the park across from our apartments to blow bubbles.  So, of course, we had to check it out.  There really were like 100 people (adults & kids) who just got together to blow bubbles.  It was lots of fun for about 15 minutes.  But the kids in the neighborhood were loving it.  Here are some other random things that have occurred...just this past weekend, I heard the song "beat it" out our den window, I thought it was in a car driving by, but continued, so I went to the window to see what I could see & there was a group of people dressed like Michael Jackson (MJ as some lovingly refer to him), gloves & all just dancing in the park.  I especially loved their "thriller" dance.  This is one reason why Paul & I don't have cable because often we can just look out our window.  

Since Amy & I have both been on a summer break we decided to take some time out to go to Rivendell.  It is on Bowen Island, a 30 minute ferry ride from Vancouver.  We had been there once before with the guys, but this time we took our friends Min Jeong and Dianna from church.  Rivendell is a retreat place of peace & quiet away from city noise that is for personal prayer & spiritual renewal.  It is amazing how used to the city noise you get, I had forgotten that I had not heard crickets in the longest time.  I have found that it takes almost 2 days to wind down & really be able to sit still & listen to God.  Why is it so hard to sit still & be at peace with that?  It's like you have to detox from everyday life, always on the go, always something to do.  So, this time, I really tried to focus on just relaxing in God & enjoying being His daughter.  Everyday they have a chapel service at 5:00 pm, that is always thought provoking.  We had a good time & I think next time should try to stay longer.  Although I thought I might die at the beginning of the take the ferry to Bowen, then walk up a steep hill for about 1 hour to get there.  We had all of our stuff for the trip in our backpacks & I was sore for like 4 days, guess I won't be backpacking the Appalachian trail anytime soon.  Although, Min Jeong did not flinch, she was texting her friends as we walked up the hill!  - Notice the deer in the picture with Min Jeong.  
2 Responses
  1. Sarah Says:

    LOVE the bubbles in the park! Maybe I should try that at Centennial. Asher would at least enjoy it. So glad you are finding such fun things to do. Thanks for the updates.

  2. melanie Says:

    my kids would have loved bubbles in the park. I love the "was fun for 15 mins" part. HA!

    And I wanna go back with you to the retreat center. SOunds awesome. Maybe I will some day! :)

    miss you