Paul & Julie
I work at a nonprofit stroke recovery centre, which means they do fundraisers from time to time to raise money & awareness.  Just a few weeks ago we had our 1st annual Gala.  Sounds fancy.  Paul & I got to dress up which we never get to do anymore.  Thankfully our friend Ian let Paul borrow a suit.  I can't believe Paul doesn't own a suit!  I've only seen him in a suit a couple times in 4.5 years of marriage.  We may have to fix that.  Anyways, the Gala turned out great.  My boss worked her tail off & did a great job.  Our staff at the centre helped throughout the night.  The food was great & we got to take home one of those edible bouquets (fruit dipped in chocolate & shaped like a flower bouquet), YUM!  

Paul & I got a package in the mail this week from a church in Decatur, Texas that gives us some support.  Paul was about to open it & then he said, "wait this has your name on it, so you should open it."  I sat down & opened the box  & it was a fun gift from the women at the Decatur church.  There were like 30 cards, which were so encouraging!  I sat & read every one of them, it was great.  I haven't even met most of these women, but their words were perfect for me.  Several of them included their favorite verses & it was just what I needed.  The box also contained all this bath & body works stuff 3 different lotions!  Hand soap!  Shower Gel!  Candles!  If I'm ever stinky, I have no excuse, because this stuff is awesome.  It was truly like Christmas, they even gave me 2 new books to read, which is perfect because I am about finished with the one I'm currently on & was wondering what I would read next.  I felt so loved & encouraged.  What an awesome surprise.  Thank you Decatur!