Paul & Julie has been a long time!  A lot has happened since I last blogged (a year & some months ago).  I thought it was about time for an update.  The short story...Paul & I moved to Vancouver, BC (That is in Canada for those who are geographically challenged, I'm not pointing any fingers, I didn't know where it was either until we were talking about moving here!)  It is just above Washington state, where we had been living for 2 years.  We were so sad to say goodbye to our friends there.  We had actually not planned on being there for 2 years, but God in all His wonderful goodness allowed us more time for training & growing up in him.  So, we received our Canadian permanent residency (that is a whole other story) in September of 2008 & that set the ball rolling for our move.  We moved up in January (I just love driving & unloading moving trucks when there are threats of snow & ice) to the Commercial Drive neighborhood in East Vancouver.  It is a quirky, trendy, grungy, hippy, diverse neighborhood that is always full of surprises.  I'm working part-time as a speech therapist at a stroke recovery centre (notice the Canadian spelling : ).  Paul is working part-time at a starbucks within walking distance from our place.  We are a part of starting a new church in the neighborhood called, The Vine. Check out - we just put it up so it is a work in progress.   We meet in homes, share a meal together, & study the Bible together.  It is quite an adventure.  Here are some neighborhood shots.

Paul & I at the Chinese New Year Parade earlier this year

The park across the street from our apartment.  There are always people hanging out here, playing music, etc...

The view of Commercial Drive from our roof, looking North.  You can see a ski run on the mountains!  

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Great to see you FINALLY posted! :) Hope you keep it up so we can hear all about what is going on up there. It was so great to see you in Florida and hope we have a reunion sooner than the last one took.